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Derek Uhlman: Bio

Derek Uhlman is an award-winning sculptor whose work comments on the relationship between modern man and nature.  He is best known for his large-scale outdoor sculpture, having had several major corporate and private commissions and significant exhibitions.

The artist began his career as a young apprentice to master sculptors Reuben Nakian (“one of the most distinguished American sculptors of the 20th century” New York Times, 12/5/86) and Ivan Biro (founder of 55 Mercer Gallery in Chelsea, NYC).  Uhlman received his first solo commission for a 37,000lb marble sculpture, Stone Flowers, from General Foods Corporation in 1982.  In 1989, he was invited by Kraft General Foods Foundation to design and fabricate the prestigious World Food Prize with Saul Bass.  This international award is showcased annually at the Smithsonian Institution (Washington, DC).

Uhlman’s sculptures are included in the collections of Rockefeller Center (New York, NY), General Electric Corporation Headquarters (Fairfield, CT), Kraft General Foods Headquarters (Rye, NY), Daiwa Corporation Headquarters (Tokyo, Japan), as well as in private collections worldwide.  He is a member of the International Sculpture Center (Hamilton, NJ) and Silvermine Guild of Artists (New Canaan, CT).

Exhibition venues include the National Academy of Design (New York, NY), Smithsonian Institution (Washington, DC), Hammond Museum (North Salem, NY), Kouros Sculpture Center (New York, NY), John Slade Ely House Center for Contemporary Art (New Haven, CT), Stamford Museum (Stamford, CT), Bruce Museum Sculpture Garden (Greenwich, CT), Cortland Jessup Gallery (Provincetown, MA), Wohlfarth Gallery (Washington, DC & Provincetown, MA), Silvermine Guild Galleries (New Canaan, CT), Carriage Barn Arts Center (New Canaan, CT), Greene Gallery (Guilford, CT) and PMW Gallery (Stamford, CT).

Derek Uhlman currently maintains a loft studio in Norwalk, CT.


The Artist > Resume

Derek Uhlman: Brief Resume

Corporate Commissions & Works on Loan
The World Food Prize, Kraft General Foods Foundation – White Plains, NY
(created and fabricated in collaboration with Saul Bass)
Daiwa Corporation World Headquarters – Tokyo, Japan
General Foods World Headquarters – Rye, NY
General Electric Corporation World Headquarters – Fairfield, CT
General Electric Corporation Rockefeller Center – New York, NY
Daiwa Corporation World Headquarters – Tokyo, Japan
Hammond Museum, South Salem, NY
Silvermine Guild Arts Center, New Canaan, CT

Galleries & Selected Exhibition Sites
Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC
National Academy of Design, New York, NY
Kouros Sculpture Center, New York, NY
Cortland Jessup Gallery, Provincetown
Silvermine Guild Galleries, New Canaan, CT
PMW Gallery, Stamford, CT
Wohlfarth Gallery, Washington, DC & Provincetown, MA
Hammond Museum, North Salem, NY
John Slade Ely House Center for Contemporary Art, New Haven, CT
Bruce Museum Art Festival, Greenwich, CT
Stamford Museum, Stamford, CT
Carriage Barn Arts Center, New Canaan, CT
Greene Gallery, Guilford, CT
Amonk Gallery, Armonk, NY
Art/Place Gallery, Southport, CT

Molly Jacobson Award, Art of the Northeast Exhibition, Silvermine Guild Galleries, New Canaan, CT
(Given by Henry Geldzahler, Director of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY)

Apprentice to master sculptors Reuben Nakian (“one of the most distinguished American sculptors of the 20th century,” New
York Times, 12/5/86) and Ivan Biro (founder of 55 Mercer Gallery in New York, NY)
Purchase College, SUNY, Purchase, NY
The Silvermine School of Art, New Canaan, CT


The Artist > Artist Statement

Derek Uhlman: Artist Statement

My sculptures comment on the passage of time and the complex relationship between man, society and the natural world.  I strive to create a balance between opposing forces, such as creation/destruction, responsibility/decadence, ancient/progressive, good/evil, universal/personal.

While I incorporate materials, practices and symbols used by ancient civilizations, my work has an abstract simplicity that suggests both timelessness and progressiveness.  I strive for my sculptures to appear as though they could have been created at any point during the human trajectory.  My goal is for them to remind us of our shared past history, show us our present situation, and invite us to envision the legacy we will leave for future generations.  To heighten the sense of the transience and frailty that exists within us and our ecosystems, I sometimes work with impermanent materials, such as paper or I allow a sculpture to be ravaged by acid rain, or the harsh freeze/thaw cycle of a Northern winter.

When I create an artwork series, I explore one fundamental concept through different media, whether in stone, metals, paper or mixed media.  While the form and concept remains consistent, it is the experimentation with diverse materials that informs my process and the resulting artwork.



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